A Red Cinderella in Kilame Ruby slippers brings love to an empty New York City during pandemic.

New York City, 2020.

The streets of the concrete jungle are empty, the world is paralyzed by an unknown pandemic. Covid 19 they said, a virus that is spreading fast around the world turned our lives upside down. Words that we never used before are in our daily vocabulary: Lockdown, quarantine, social distancing. What is it going on? New York City looks like a movie set, no people, is unreal, sometimes scary, everybody are waiting to know what to do, how to act and react. The world needs love.

A Red Cinderella in a Kilame ruby slippers and a satin dress walked around Manhattan to bring love, hope and energy to New York. We love New York, we are New York and we will rebuild New York. Always.

Our dreams will never die, our faith and hope and desire to express our art will never leave our hearts. We were born to shine, we are warriors, we create. We don’t give up!

We are the Fashion people, we are models, designers, photographers, video-makers, stylists, make up artists, hairstylists, editors.

We don’t stop. We believe and we act.


Pamela Quinzi

Ph Christian Nico

Model Paula Martins

Kilame shoes by Pamela Quinzi

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