Aurora Rosselli, a successful story of an Italian in the United States.

Aurora Rosselli is a multifaceted and fascinating personality but to discover her fully, we have to start from her origins. Aurora is an Italian born and raised in Sicily, a true Italian Excellence transplanted abroad.

Aurora studied and graduated in the Art field, since the first moment she immediately felt in love with the world of Art. For this reason, she decided to study at the ‘Accademia di Belle Arti, in Catania, which gave her the artistic sense and knowledge that is still reflected in her work today.

Her artistic career has risen and her works were exhibited in the most famous galleries in the United States and in Europe, earning her considerable notoriety both in her native country, Italy and especially abroad.

But to say that Aurora is simply an artist would be an understatement, as her multifaceted talent has led her to be a TV Reality Celebrity (she took part in the famous TV Show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’) and also an actress (she acted as a guest star for ‘The Girls Next Door’).

Aurora’s career never stops. Today she is an established Influencer, with several thousand followers who follows her life on Instagram daily, through posts and stories, where in addition to showing pieces of her life, she also recommends the trendiest products of the moment and recommends the best one on the market. She is an Instagram Star that you can follow on but also an entrepreneur for her brand Eclisse Creazioni Art & Photography.

Aurora is also a contributor for the renowned magazines: Vogue Italia and Cosmopolitan and she is a celebrity host of Live streaming ‘Bigo Live’.

The choice to leave Italy to move to the United States was dictated by the heart, to let her children be closer to their father. Leaving her Home Town and her County was not simple at all but with time it turned to be her best choice, which was also helpful for her ‘to find and focus on her artistic career at fully 360 °.

In fact, in the United States she resumed her career as a painter invited to exhibit her work all around USA in various exhibitions in Hollywood, where she was able to meet Hugh Hefner, who advised her to return to devoting herself to photography. After Hefner, she approached the Kardashian’s family with whom she, in addition to acting in the series, established a beautiful relationship with Kim Kardashian, of which she still keeps a precious memory.

As far as today she lives in the United States even if for her Catania is home and where her heart is.

Aurora Rosselli is an example of a well-rounded entrepreneur, admirable and dedicated to her passions that she has managed to transform into work. A woman entrepreneur who has managed to perfectly combine family and career, an exemplary woman who has decided to leave everything for love and who, by changing and throwing herself into the uncertainty, has obtained the best reward that the future could give her.

Article by Carolina Ogliaro

Founder and creative director :

Instagram :

Fashion and Luxury Editor

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