“Planted” – We’re Here To Stay!


Planted a Fashion Experience.

The First-Ever Fashion Show by Straight Walk Runway Academy.

Straight Walk Runway Academy hosted its first-ever fashion show at the Galleria Mall in White Plains, NY. The exciting show was produced by Shereena Delgado, and it turned out to be a smashing success.

Shereena Delgado is a model turned CEO who grew up idolizing the famous Tyra Banks. She made her dream of becoming a top model come true with determination and hard work, but her success didn’t stop there. In November, the model trainer launched her own model academy at the Galleria Mall, titled “Straight Walk Runway.”

Shereena has been training models for the past five years across New York City boroughs, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, and Brooklyn. While she usually worked in Manhattan fashion shows and shoots, she recognized the demand for her skills in her own region, Westchester County, and that’s when she decided to launch her new modeling academy.

The academy develops industry-leading international models through training and expert coaching. From teaching aspiring models how to walk the runway to taking photos and building a successful career, the academy serves as an all-inclusive guide for newbies.

The fashion show organized by Straight Walk Runway Academy was named “Planted a Fashion Experience”. What made it an exhilarating and unique experience was that it featured various models, including kids, adults, and older people.

The event’s décor was courtesy of Chosen Décor Events. The show opened and closed with a wonderful performance by “The Dazzling High Steppers” majorettes and also included two special performances by the upcoming rapper “Slay Baby Nae” (Young Girl).

The show became a reality with the support of sponsors like Fresh Kid Nation, who sponsored the gift bags with Disney books. The models were dolled up by My Kookie Kare, T McDonald Cosmetics, and New Village Braid.

My Kookie Kare came to the rescue with their facials, T McDonald Cosmetics made sure the models’ makeup was flawless while New Village Braid worked their magic on their hair. In addition, Crown Beauty Supply contributed to the gift bag treats and the PR activities were taken care of by Melapa Fashion.

This elaborate event was organized to promote the model services by the Straight Walk Runway Academy, and it marked the completion of their 7 months at the Galleria Mall in White Plains, New York. The fashion show was a celebration of how much the academy has achieved since its inception and was a step towards familiarizing the audience with who they are and where they are situated.

The academy has several other activities planned for the future, including the introduction of #SWRKIDSBOOTCAMP for kids above the age of 6.

The founder, Shereena, provides mentorship to models using her experience in the modeling industry. With the help of seasoned models like herself and other experts, she guides the models to scale their careers to a global level.

“As a fashion professional, I am always looking for opportunities to support my fellow professionals in the fashion community. Thus, my new academy is not only about mentoring models but also about offering an opportunity to new emerging cloth and accessory designers which will enable them to showcase their promising creations to the models and to the world.”


Instagram: www.instagram.com/straightwalkrunway



Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/straightwalkrunway

Website: www.straightwalkacademy.com

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